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Omari Robinson

“Critical thinking skills, learning how to solve problems, and working as a part of a team were definitely things I learned at Grand Valley that I still use today.”

Omari Robinson
Class of 2014
Physical Education major with an emphasis in sports leadership
Ticket Sales Account Executive, Cleveland Browns

We're at First Energy Sstadium, home of the Cleveland Browns. You feel lucky to be a part of something as big and wide ranging as the NFL. It also comes with a level of responsibility, and you can get to a point where you become kind of numb to seeing it. But when you bring people here-- I have clients who I bring here, and I had a guy walk in the locker room one time and burst into tears, a grown man. So like you see people have those type of experiences and it reminds you how lucky you are to work at a place like this.

One of the things I like most about Grande Valley is that I feel like it was a really good balance between some of the things you get at a larger school and also the personal touch that you get in a smaller school. Just the critical thinking skills and learning how to work your way around problems, and work with people and work as a part of a team was definitely something I learned at Grande Valley that I still use today.

To be a Laker means striving for success, being excellent at everything that you do, and making sure you uphold the standard of excellence. I am Omari Robinson. I'm an account executive with the Cleveland Browns. I'm an asset to my clients, a creator of memories, and I am a Laker.