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Faculty That Teach

Teaching is More Than a Profession to Our Faculty Members

Our faculty members are eager to pass on their expertise, gained through their robust academic work -- 93 percent have the highest degree possible in their fields -- as well as extensive field experience for many. The common thread running through our dedicated faculty members? The joy of teaching. They will tell you that students are the reason they’re here.

  • The average class size is 26, so they know your name.
  • Mentoring is second nature for them. They are eager to guide you beyond academics.
  • Your success is their success. Through experiential learning, support, and networking, they’ll work hard for you to attain it.

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I've had really personal relationships with a lot of the faculty and staff here. The mentors and the advisors that I've had, have really been a good support system for me.

From the very first week, my professors were striving to know me by name, which was really awesome. And I like that every day I'm challenged by my professors to always work and produce my best work.

The professors not only brought real life experience to it, but it was a lot of case-based and a lot of experiential-based learning.

And I can think of three or four mentors that have hugely influenced my career path.

Grand Valley employees people who not only are fantastic at their professions, but they're also good at who they are as people. I know that every time I'm in communication with a faculty or staff member, they're going to do everything they can for me to make sure that I have what I need as a student.

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