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The Connected Courses Program

Deep Issues, Deep Studies

An illuminating way to see how your education will help you contemplate the issues of our society is through the Connected Courses Program. Faculty members pair courses such as history and English or political science and sociology to allow you to deeply study themes while setting a foundation for your learning.

  • This First-year Learning Community is designed to help the transition to college.
  • Working closely with faculty members and peers is valuable for understanding the spirit of a campus setting for learning.
  • You’ll also have a chance to participate in programs outside the coursework to reinforce your studies on these themes.

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The First Year Learning Communities Program is a program here at Grand Valley for freshmen students to have more than one class of the same population. So the students are going to two classes where they have the same cohort of students with them.

When students get to know each other, the walls come down a little bit, they're a little more comfortable and so it just really enhances the learning experience.

The idea is that we will be able to make them feel a sense of belonging, give them opportunities to establish relationships with one another, and also with their professors.

I feel like it helped me transition from high school into college really well.

They have more ability to build relationships that are both personal, as well as influence their studying.

Now I have so many connections around school with other kids, and then I have connections with two great professors who I'm pretty good friends with now, I would say.

I found that they were really surprised to see how friendly other students were, how it wasn't kind of a competitive environment and they wanted everybody to do well in both of the class settings.

They are able to feel that they have a home in Grand Valley from the start. They feel part of something from the beginning and they're not just one person in a big campus full of a lot of individuals, but they're part of a cohort.

It just is a great experience overall, and everyone I know who took it had a really great time.

And I think that, that helps to tie them into the larger campus community, which can benefit them from the very beginning all the way until graduation.

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