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Real-World Experience

A Meaningful Investment

We know higher education is an important investment. That’s why we are invested in making your learning experience well-rounded and meaningful. Hands-on learning and other fieldwork not only deepen your mastery of your discipline but also give you the edge employers will seek.

  • Fieldwork is built into the curriculum for many degrees, so your hands-on work and coursework effectively complement each other.
  • Advisers, faculty members, and others actively work to find the best fieldwork opportunities.
  • There are many options for paid internships and co-ops, giving you some help financially while learning.

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Grand Valley has an unlimited amount of resources. Like the career center-- they help a lot with internships and that experience is such a bonus.

All the class sizes are very small but the professors not only brought real life experience to it, it was a lot of case based and a lot of experiential based learning.

I don't know anything about Israel or the Middle East so getting to come here with a professor who's been here and with classmates made it really approachable. I think of it as one little tiny step into the real world.

The classes do a great job of exposing you to different areas of science. In one of my classes right now we get to work in the new greenhouse. And that's something I would never get to do with my own research.

I actually went to Grand Valley's Small Business Development Center. With that program, I was able to actually write the business plan that got us the funding for this location.

As a direct result of the education I got at Grand Valley has enabled me to be able to the impact on the lives of not only my community but on the entire world. And that's pretty amazing.

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